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Big changes are scary but exciting. I’m feeling exhausted already… But that might be in large part from the grueling traffic I battled on the way home tonight.

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Really tired… I love the extended hours of sunshine after work that come with daylight savings, but it coinciding with having to go into work early yesterday and Aunt Flo just ain’t working.  

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Routine, unscheduled

Life has settled into a routine, of sorts. Work —> Dinner w/ A —> Play/relax.

But I have so many things I still want to do. And so often, things happen. Yesterday, a birthday dinner with A’s coworkers. Today, bargain shopping with a college buddy. When will I do laundry? Write a letter to Joel, my Compassion International child? When will I write and send those emails and letters to the people I miss? 

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Day 1 - Single Life

After Work:  

Took a new route that worked out well and ended up at… Sprouts! To buy Onion Rye Bread and some salad fixings (namely just the leafy part…). Got a bag of 3 organic romaine hearts for $1.50, and decided it was a decent enough deal. Dropped by the bank in the next plaza over to run some errands, then drove home.

Realized the sky was starting to get dark as I was parking, and that I therefore needed to hurry up if I wanted to get a short run in! Dropped off the stuff, threw a load of laundry in, and ran around the beautiful lake in the evening twilight. Don’t laugh. It was a 20 minute run with a 5 minute cooldown after. 

I decided to continue “working to” by cleaning up around the house, then made dinner:

Warmed up the Mexican food leftovers from the company lunch, and threw together a salad that I’m rather proud of (I’m not a free-form cook, usually…but it’s so standard that I can’t be too proud of it). 

Romaine + Beef tomatoes + Avocado + Lime juice + Crumpled Tortilla Chips + S&P

Munching on a pear and talking to the one in Potato Land as I wait for my laundry to finish… looking forward to watching a tv show or two, and relaxing for the night!